BEST courses in Engineering & Sciences: Photonics? Enlighten me!

BEST courses in Engineering & Sciences: Photonics? Enlighten me!

Course dates:
5 July, 2015 to 14 July, 2015
Between 0 and 40 euro
Engineering & Sciences
Application deadline:
Sunday, 22 March, 2015
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Brussels, Belgium

General information
This year, the Course will focus on photonics, a science where light takes the main role. This will bring you in contact with well-known concepts such as rainbow, photography, CD’s, DVD’s, displays but also with sophisticated optical components as lasers, fiber optics, electro-optical instrumentation, related hardware and electronics. This technology finds application in several fields extending from energy generation to detection (as in biophotonics) to communications and information processing.

The lectures will be given by the B-PHOT team (Faculty of Engineering), currently among the world-leaders in optical modelling, optical characterization, micro-photonic systems, etc.

BEST courses are events about one to two weeks, uniting technology students from all over Europe to study a technological subject. However, while these subjects are of an attractive and innovative nature, mixing various topics in engineering education, education on itself is not the only goal of these events. Equally important are expanding horizons, improving cultural understanding and, in general, providing European students of technology with the opportunity to experience something distinctive for little cost.
Fee depends on country (see here the country categories).

Student dormitories provided

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ECTS accreditation
1 ETCS credit

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