Navigating Global Marketing

Navigating Global Marketing

Course dates:
15 July, 2024 to 26 July, 2024
Early-Bird (until March 31) – 450€ / Regular (after March 31) – 500€
Multidisciplinary, Social Sciences
Application deadline:
Monday, 10 June, 2024
Tallinn University
Tallinn, Estonia

General information

In today’s interconnected and rapidly evolving world, the success of any business depends on its ability to traverse the complex waters of global marketing. ‘Brand Voyage: Navigating Global Marketing’ is designed to provide participants with a contemporary understanding of marketing research and branding, as well as owned, paid, and earned media within the global context.

The Strategic Marketing Framework (SMF) serves as the foundation for this course and highlights the intersections of situation analysis, strategy formulation, and marketing execution. The SMF is a critical tool for analyzing, planning, and executing global marketing campaigns while fostering a greater appreciation for the strategic decisions that support successful branding efforts.

Identifying market segments, assessing consumer behavior, and evaluating competition in diverse markets are all vital components of successful global marketing. As such, participants will gain practical insights into marketing research and explore the potential of generative AI to make data-driven decisions and identify emerging trends and opportunities in international markets.

This course also emphasizes that branding is more than just a logo; it’s the heart and soul of any successful venture. Participants will learn how to craft compelling stories about products and services that resonate with international markets. Personal branding, a vital skill in today’s competitive landscape, will be highlighted and participants will examine how to cultivate a unique identity for their own brands.

As the digital age has transformed our world, it has become critical for all organizations — from small businesses to multinational corporations to non-profits — to understand how to leverage owned, paid, and earned media to develop successful branding efforts. Throughout this course, participants will be exposed to examples of creative media from around the globe that will inspire them to think differently about the possibilities of marketing. Additionally, participants will consider the importance of critical analysis, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility to gain an understanding of how ethical marketing can be a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic marketplace.

‘Brand Voyage: Navigating Global Marketing’ is a forward-thinking marketing course designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in global marketing. Through experiential learning focused on marketing research, branding, and mixed media, participants will be well-prepared to navigate the complexities of the global marketplace.


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